Data Breakthrough Awards

Recognizing the best companies, products and services in this new era of digital data

Data is delivering value to today’s organizations in myriad ways, from fueling fact-based decision-making to expanding data-focused product offerings.

The data analytics industry is seeing skyrocketing growth and we aim to recognize the BREAKTHROUGH innovators in this space each year.

2024 Featured Winners

Are you ready to break through?


This new digital era is driven by data, and the data technology ecosystem has made groundbreaking insights available in real-time.

Analytics, management, visualization, storage, and more – Data is one of the hottest topics in the technology industry today, disrupting and innovating the largest industries throughout the world at a rapid pace.

With the feverish pace of innovation in the world of data technologies, how can companies and products stand out in the crowded market? How do they break out from the industry noise?

The annual Data Breakthrough Awards are dedicated to doing the deepest analysis of the market today. By evaluating, analyzing and recognizing the standout solutions and companies in the data technology market, we are pleased to highlight the BREAK THROUGH data solutions and companies from all across the globe.

Data Backup Solution of the Year

Cross Infrastructure Analytics Solution of the Year

Overall Data Tech Company of the Year

Data Integration Solution of the Year

Best Use of AI in Data Tech

Overall Data Analytics Platform of the Year

Database Modeling Solution of the Year

Data as a Service Company of the Year

Data Management Solution of the Year

Overall Data Analytics Company of the Year

Data Management Innovation of the Year

Data Analytics Solution of the Year

Data Breakthrough Awards

The growing interactions between data, algorithms, analytics, connected things and people are opening huge new opportunities and we are witnessing a new era of digital disruption. This technological disruption from the era of digital data is not just changing businesses, it’s revolutionizing our lives across both business and society. In this new era of data-driven technological development, the only question is “what next?”

The value of data has emerged to push insights and convert raw data into valuable information that pushes new technological frontiers and transformation across all businesses and throughout society. Everywhere we look, data technologies touching cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), neural networks, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and more are all driving digital disruption with the value of data.

But with the exponential growth in the number of Data companies in the industry, how can you stand out in a crowded market? How do you break out from the industry noise? Nominate for a Data Breakthrough Award and BREAK THROUGH!

Backed by Data

7 Megabytes

7 megabytes of data will be created every second, for every person on earth.

$450 Billion

Business transactions (including both B2B and B2C) via the internet will reach up to 450 billion per day.


90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone.

Data Breakthrough: Our Mission

The future of data points to more digital growth, and almost every industry depends on how information is stored, processed, and applied. Data analysts and data scientists are leading the way toward future innovation, mining information from vast sets of data and turning it into actionable insights. 

The mission of the Data Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of data companies, technologies and products driving this growth and innovation. Data Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for technology leadership and innovation in today’s hottest and most competitive categories of technology.

Our organization has worked with hundreds of technology titans such as Intel, Comcast, Qualcomm, Cisco, Sprint, Lenovo, HP, Spotify, Philips, Quicken, Dell and many more, as well as groundbreaking startup companies through our public platform for recognition for standout technologies, people and companies.

Data Breakthrough Award winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization. The winners will be announced and listed on the Data Breakthrough Awards website, and winners have the opportunity to tout their awards at tradeshows, through PR, social media, investor communications, sales collateral and more!


Submit your BREAKTHROUGH Data Technology Company or Product

Submission Period: November 1, 2023 – January 26, 2024

Complete and submit for your entry online by January 26, 2024. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted.

You may submit the same product in multiple categories.

Deadline: January 26, 2024